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lend me a fairytale.

i'm going to steal naomi's format for this penpal thing, i hope that's quite alright.

Name: can't tell because i don't want my father to find my name on livejournal. But the next line should tell you what it is : )
Age: 16, almost 17
Location: hyderabad, india
Birthday: 10 september 1990
Relationship Status: i just broke up with my boyfriend today. so that makes it... single.

Give us 5 interesting facts about you:
1. i wrote the best poem of my life when i was 8, almost 9. it's called 'the beach.'
2. i hate this guy in my class whose name is farhaz. he's the most immature idiot around and the only one who makes me show my immature side as well. maybe that's why i hate him so much. i know that sounds lame but, well, the real me can be pretty lame sometimes.
3. i once painted my fingernails white (several layers) with green sparkly polish on top.
4. my father has a book titled "the quark and the jaguar" lying in his office. he's a theoretical chemist, or a physical chemist, and a professor.
5. i think i'm bisexual, though i'm not 100% sure. is anyone 100% sure?


Foods: chocolate cake, italian pasta, cheese pizza, broccoli
Hobbies: writing, reading, art (drawing, doodling, painting, sketching, making collages, copying pictures, photoshopping and so on), internetting (foruming, livejournalling, submitting my writing to forums like mibba, making profiles and so on), listening to music, watching movies, wishing i could dance and sing, wish i did more swimming, walking about talking on the phone (oh wait, that was before i broke up with my boyfriend), making new friends, meeting new people, being funny/sarcastic when i least expect it, chatting/emailing/talking, psychoanalyzing (so to speak), philosophizing, shopping, going out, travelling
Colors/Color Combinations: black/black, black/white, pink/gold/silver, purple/pink

Name some which you love...
Bands: i like mixing songs together rather than listening to one band at a stretch, so i tend to like certain songs of many different people... let's divide this into the bands my ex-boyfriend introduced me to, and the bands i like anyway. the bands i like that my ex-boyfriend introduced me to (mainly) are U2, staind, coldplay etc. rock bands basically. the bands/singers i like anyway can be further divided into blues/jazz/opera/western classical/oldies and recent/pop/alternative songs. the former includes ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, judy garland, natalie cole, maria callas and sumi jo. the latter includes enrique iglesias, avril lavigne, maroon 5, the goo goo dolls and the red hot chili peppers, and oh of course ani difranco.
Books: the god of small things by arundhati roy and pages for you by sylvia brownrigg are my all-time favourites. i also love harry potter and the jessica darling series by megan mccafferty. a few years ago i used to love meg cabot and i still read her books to pass time sometimes, but i cringe at the writing.
Movies: i hate horror, gore and most action/thriller movies. i love v for vendetta, loving annabelle, kissing jessica stein, imagine me & you, the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love (which i think should be called 'leaves of grass') and many, many more that i can't remember for some peculiar reason.
TV Shows: i hate tv. i avoid it.
Magazines (if any): i love to cut pictures and words and phrases out of magazines. i try to find irony in them. i especially love elle, vogue, elle girl, teen vogue, tatler and glamour for this kind of thing. i suppose cosmopolitan would suffice as well. but i usually pick up magazines secondhand because i really can't afford to squander my money on useless crap.

Describe your personality in 3-5 sentences:
let's use words instead of sentences, disjointed phrases and words that make no sense but somehow create the girl.
intense/passionate/reckless/rash. kind/sensitive. sensible sometimes. screwed up in general. crazy for the heck of it. pulchritudinously intent. alluringly real. glaringly obvious. half full half empty. permissively pleading. desperate. hopelessly idealistic.

List three goals you have for your life:
1. to love again. but not go hunting for it.
2. to become a famous writer/poet, like anne sexton or sylvia plath or j.k. rowling.
3. to get over my adolescent crisis/borderline personality disorder traits/ocd/depression/suicidalism.

You are stranded on a desert island. Choose three things to bring with you and tell us why.
i wish it said people instead of things. oh well.
1. a laptop with a wireless internet connection, a battery that charges via solar power, excellent speakers and a 100GB hard drive (so i can fit a lot of stuff on it. like music and movies.) i know that sounds impossible. but whatever.
2. a phone that could somehow travel over the endless kilometres, endless miles, whatever of land/ocean to a place where i could get someone to come rescue me.
3. a huge double pack of water which could zoom up to the clouds and extract water and purify it somehow. okay, that sounds lame and odd and unscientific, but i hope you get the idea.

ultimately, i'm a many-layered person and if you delve into who i am you'll be taking on a great deal, but it might just prove to be worth it.

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