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i want some different penpals... :]
i have a penpal and we make each other scrapbooks each turn.
we get like an old journal, or just stick paper together & decorate it with magazine cuttings and anything we can find, but we also write our letter in it as well.

it's really fun and i would love, LOVE so more penpals to do this with.

or people who would like to decorate their letters like a journal, personalise it and include things like cuttings, receipts, anything like that! i collect these and they're just amazing.
well i guess you should know about me before you decide to do this with me?

i'm 16, i'm from england and i'm british. i love learning, reading, penpalling, my macbook, graphics, animals and writing. i'm starting college this september and i've just finished school. i'm mature for my age but i like to be silly sometimes, too. i love talking about culture, comparing our cities and such in letters. my dream is to travel and expand my brain.

i write about very personal things which can scare some people away :( and i do go in a lot of detail. i love writing long letters and i take penpals really serious and personal, i love getting to know my penpals rather than just taking it as a few words on a peice of paper. i am in love with my boyfriend since 2004, i talk about him a lot, my family and what i generally get up too every day. i'm a shy person, but once i get to know you i can EXPLODE. hehe.

i hate trying to narrow myself down to these few paragraphs, it's impossible, let's just talk and do this? :]

email me: ouryounghearts@aol.com
i don't mind age, i love people of all ages!
and please. no spam. =]
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