Kara, the dude who punched the future (the_differencex) wrote in postpal,
Kara, the dude who punched the future

I'd like to try this again, because I haven't heard from my current penpal in months. :/

Name: Kara
Age: Fifteen
Location: New York
Interests//Hobbies: Music, reading, sewing, writing, knitting, sleeping, dreams, photography, veganism, atheism, straight edge, drawing, walking, baking, making mixtapes, and worrying.
I came here for...: a new penpal.
I'm looking for...: someone as hopeless, lonely, bored, disappointed, and depressed as I am. Someone from the U.S., because postage is easier that way, but preferably from some far-away state. Boy or girl, somewhere around my age.
Anything Else?: Nope.
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