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Hey There & Welcome to postpal. Our goal is to help people find pen-pals from all over, just for fun or out of interest. We're a moderated community, so you must join in order to access anything. Because this involves giving out addresses and personal information like your full name, we ask that you only join if you intend on keeping up a friendship with people and staying active to let us know how things go. You don't have to give out your address to anyone you don't want to, only give it to people you trust. As this is moderated membership, we do our best to weed out any suspicious people on livejournal who we think would join for the wrong reasons.


Like any community, there has to be rules.
001. DO NOT, in any circumstances, give someone's address out to anyone else! By joining this community, you are agreeing to keep information confidential, and giving out someones address or personal information will not be tolerated and you will be banned.
002. Treat everyones fairly! If someone is looking for a pen-pal from a certain area, and you're not from that area, don't be offended if they don't want to give you their address. Maybe someone just wants a postcard from a certain country, for a collection or something, and they don't want to give their address to just anyone. Accept that and wait for someone else.
003. If you join, don't just lurk! As soon as you're accepted, you should post an entry with the form [located below] filled in with your information. We want to know who you are and why you're here! After all, that's what we're for!

More Rules Will Be Made, If Necessary!


This section consists of what you must fill out after being accepted. We don't want people just lurking around!

Name: Dana
Age: 16
Location: Michigan, USA
Interests//Hobbies: I love music,
I came here to...: Make new friends from all over the world :]
I'm looking for...: Someone who's around my age, male or female, preferably from a different country.
Anything Else?: Not for now!

Copy/Paste the box below.

**NOTE: you can always change your information if you're looking for something else, just make a new post! It's always good to hear from you, so keep us updated!

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