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now that i've finished school & i'm waiting to start college in september, i'm bored and want to WRITE during the summer. ^.^

the first 3 people to reply i will write the first letter if you tell me about yourself :]

some different, fun, unique people who have something to say that will affect me in the best way possible are what i really want. & some penpals who just ramble on and on for pages about what they've been doing, every detail, without worrying you're boring me. i want to hear that. ♥

Name: naomi
Age: 16 & enjoying it :]
Location: south yorkshire, england
Birthday: 25.06.91
Relationship Status: i love my boyfriend who i've been with since 2004 ♥

Give us 5 interesting facts about you:
1. my biggest weakness are bags... i've bought 4 in the past week :/
2. my best friend lives in america.
3. my mum is always mistaken as my sister.
4. i have mood swings.
5. i like to put grated cheese on top of my marmite!


Foods: chinese or italian, such as chicken meals ♥ yumyum.
Hobbies: i like being with friends, house parties, reading, libraries, going to the cinema, watching films, laying in the grass, laying in parks, art galleries, museums, penpalling, making online zines, discussing, talking, hugging, loving.
Colors/Color Combinations: green and pink is what i love.

Name some which you love...
Bands: i like so many different artists & bands, i prefer mixing songs rather than liking certain kinds... but i ♥ tegan and sara, rammstein, slipknot and the pussycat dolls. i love rave music, techno music and pop music. i also love metal and rock music. ask me about my favourite songs & i'll tell you, you'll get more of an idea about me ^_^
Books: i live for books. i couldn't tell you my favourites, because i love so many. here's some i like: wasted, prep, lucky, man and boy, man and wife, adventures of a call girl, man of my dreams... ehh, this is difficult. my bookcase is huge & i take 10 or something books out of the library a week.
Movies: i love horror & gore! and also chick flicks... those are good. hostel, saw, texas chainsaw massacre, pirates of the caribbean, narnia, wedding daze, 10 things i hate about you, severence, kidulthood, snow white, cinderella, 50 first dates, failure to launch, forrest gump, war bride, the jacket, etc. =)
TV Shows: i don't watch tv much at all. but i absolutely LOVE greys anatomy... ♥. watch britains next top model & americans quite a bit sometimes, big brother (how annoying but addictive!!) and that's all really. i like reality. i don't watch soaps.
Magazines (if any): ohh i love magazines. heat, glamour, cosmo, more, star, new, elle. :]

Describe your personality in 3-5 sentences: i try to live happy, have fun and see my glass as half full. sometimes i fail and i can be really down as the world does get on top of me sometimes, my head can't take it all but i try to fly above it all. i like to keep active, exploring, taking part in doing things such as going to the cinema, reading, shopping, going to starbucks & family time means a lot to me.

List three goals you have for your life:
1. to go to university.
2. to marry and have a family.
3. to feel as though i am a special person who has succeeded at life.

You are stranded on a desert island. Choose three things to bring with you and tell us why.
1. clean underwear. dirty underwear really gets me down, makes me feel horrible and stuff. :/ it's just not nice!
2. a laptop with internet access. this way i can keep in touch with people and not waste another space by bringing my phone too.
3. a tolieteries bag full with the essential things such as toothbrush and paste, body spray, conditioner and shampoo, foundation, cream, a shaver, etc.

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me [left] & my american best friend.
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