julie in the sky with diamonds. (juliettemurders) wrote in postpal,
julie in the sky with diamonds.

stole format as well.

i also hope it's ok that i stole this, i do better with specific questions. 

Name: julie
Email: juliettemurders@hotmail.com
Age: 20
Location: virginia, united states
Birthday: May 24, 1987
Relationship Status: in a relationship (for 2.5 years)

Give us 5 interesting facts about you:
1. i have technically attempted suicide once, but i wouldn't have died.
2. i am studying psychology, i want to work in a mental institution for adolescents.
3. i used to want to be a writer.
4. i take medication for depression.
5. i was crazy about penguins before it was cool.


Foods: italian, mexican
Hobbies: reading, listening to music, collecting anything penguin, studying people
Colors/Color Combinations: green, black, red/ green & black, red & black, green and red cannot go together unless it's december.

Name some which you love...
Bands: hellogoodbye, playradioplay!, the postal service, the beatles
Books: the perks of being a wallflower, prozac nation
Movies: the butterfly effect, happy feet, garden state
TV Shows: law & order: svu, the 4400, kyle xy, greek, scrubs (because of zach braff, i have a huge crush on him)
Magazines (if any): cosmopolitan, psychology today

Describe your personality in 3-5 sentences:
At the core of my being i hate myself because i feel that i am worthless, but i am a loving and caring person who will sacrifice myself for anyone minus a very few people i dislike. It takes A LOT for me to dislike someone. i am naturally trusting of everyone, but once you show me you should not be trusted, it takes a lot for me to trust you again. i am a hopeless romantic. i am a pessimist when it comes to myself, but extreemly optimistic for everyone else. i give good advice, but of course cannot follow my own. i over-analyze everything, and have a hard time knowing how to explain myself in detail.

List three goals you have for your life:
1. get a doctorate in clinical psychology, work in a mental institution for adolescents.
2. publish at least one book.
3. get married and have a family.

You are stranded on a desert island. Choose three things to bring with you and tell us why. 
1. Can i bring my boyfriend? please? i go crazy when he's not around.
2. a cell phone, so i could leave the island when i wanted to.
3. a book, so i would have something to do.
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